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Writing a Song Every Day

From October 10th - 24th of 2020, I took on The Songwriter Coach's 14-Day Lyric Writing Challenge and had a great time writing a song every single day. On this page, you'll find all of the songs I wrote during my challenge, along with my takeaways. I hope you enjoy them and best of luck with your own writing!

Want to try your own songwriting challenge? Click here for The Songwriter Coach's full challenge!


Day 1: Erasing You

The prompt today was to write a song about a movie, book, or story, so I chose one of my favorite movies, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. My goal was to write my song about the movie without making too... obvious? Hopefully, I’ve accomplished that!


Day 2: Monster

The second day of my 14 day lyric writing challenge was about connecting with a feeling, thinking before speaking, and finding the right action words to keep the song vivid and interesting. Since yesterday was #worldmentalhealthday, I decided to write about self-sabotage and the feeling that I’m making things harder for myself. Cause, yeah, this one comes up for me a lot. 😬 I hope you like it!


Day 3: Ahead of Me

Day 3 of The Songwriter Coach’s 14 day lyric writing challenge was to write a letter and turn it into a song. I got hit by a wave of nostalgia and wrote about a really beautiful night of camping on the beach. I hope you like it!


Day 4: It All Goes On

The 4th day of my 14 Day Lyric Writing Challenge was about flipping yesterday’s letter-writing prompt around and writing a letter from anyone to myself. I love this prompt so much and I used it as an opportunity to explore some advice I was given in my early 20s.


Day 5: Awake

The 5th day was rough. Oof! I think I sunburned my eyes today? Apparently, that’s a thing? Anyway, here’s a song about sleep paralysis. 😬😂


Day 6: Take It Back

Okay, so, I cheated on the prompt slightly by writing about a completely different thing from yesterday, but I did try to incorporate motion and the organic sense! Hope you like it!


Day 7:

I’ve made it a full week in my 14 Day Lyric Writing Challenge! Today’s prompt was to “body snatch” a character from my Day 6 song, so I did my best to write the other side of the conversation. I hope you like it!


Day 8: Little Sailboats

Day 8 of my challenge is about creating internal and external conflict, so I’m going back in my brain to sitting on a dock on the Charles River.


Day 9: Insomnia and Love

Well, at least I wrote something... I’ve been listening to a lot of Tom Waits lately, so here’s a song in which I idly describe how I’m feeling today. 😂😭 The Songwriter Coach's prompt was about the internal/external action and where it’s placed in the song, so hopefully, I’ve accomplished that while rambling about my day? Maybe?


Day 10: Evergreens

Oh man, we’ve entered double digits! Today’s prompt was to use internal rhyme, so here’s a song with lots of fast, rhyming, performed basically mid-asthma attack. 😂😭


Day 11: Comfortable

Today's prompt is about playing around with rhyme schemes! I decided to have some fun with an AAAX scheme in the verse. Also, I promise I’m not as sad as my music makes me sound?


Day 12: Cotton Candy Sea

We’ve gotten to day 12 and my imagery is getting progressively more surreal, apparently? Day 12 was about rhetorical devices, so in this song, I used anaphora by including the phrase “I was” at the start of each line of the verses. Hope you enjoy it!


Day 13: Back to Sleep

Anyone who knows me well is fully aware that I only enjoy sleeping during the day, so here’s a song about that. 😂 I attempted to follow the prompt and use epiphora, but it didn’t turn out as nicely as I would have liked, so I switched it out for more anaphora. Hopefully, it still counts?


Day 14: Wait

It’s the final day of my 14 Day Lyric Writing Challenge and I am feeling super proud of myself! It’s been hard to stay vulnerable enough to post things the same day I’ve written them, but I’m happy with the things I’ve created! 💜 Thank you so much to Ben at The Songwriter Coach for giving such brilliant prompts. If anyone is looking to try their own 14 Day Lyric Writing Challenge, hop over to Ben’s YouTube channel! And with all of that, I hope you enjoy my last song of the challenge. 🥰


Here are my takeaways, along with some helpful tips for doing your own songwriting challenge!

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