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Lyric Writing

Lyric writing is the most challenging part of the songwriting process for a lot of great musicians. It requires the development of skills that we don't typically associate with music-making. The good news is that there are some easy, concrete steps to writing a compelling story in your song. I created this worksheet to aid you in the process!


How to use this Cheat Sheet

  • Start by filling in the blanks. You can write in paragraphs, bullet points, or any other form that you like. All you have to do is answer the questions provided and start to imagine the full world of your story.

  • Once you've filled in the blanks, you should have a story, complete with characters, setting, and a plot. You can now expand your sections into verses, your "why" into a chorus, and your summary or plot twist into a bridge.

  • Pro Tip: Use your senses to make your verses even more compelling! (What does the room smell like? Is it cold or warm? What can your characters see?)

You can see a full explanation of the process in the video below:

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joeanne p
joeanne p
21 avr. 2021

thanks for the wonderfull ideas

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